3 Most Common Mistakes that can Lead to Poor SEO Performance

common mistakes in SEO

Poor SEO performance might start with your backend SEO or Technical SEO. That includes your page loading speed, 4xx errors, images alt text, headers, meta description, etc. If all those are addressed, then that’s the time you need to start looking at your:

  1. Keyword Research – wrong targeting on your keywords might end up with the wrong target audience or unwanted traffic, this is where most of the SEO experts/specialists got their first failure.
  2. Off-page SEO – wrong link-building efforts, can lead to costly and plateaued organic traffic, or even the downfall of Traffic and Rankings. Ethical backlinks are critical here.
  3. Search Intent – perhaps the most important aspect of basic SEO, and the most misinterpreted of all by most experts. This starts during keyword research. Being the most basic part of any SEO efforts, choosing keywords having different search intent than the intended target audience or market often leads to a poor SEO.

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